Super League: became known the starting five on the all-star game

Суперлига: стали известны стартовые пятерки на Матч звезд

The all-star game will be held January 27

Decided the five teams in the South and the North in the all-star game super League in 2018.

Captains and fans determined the starting five of the teams in the South and the North, who will meet in the Match of stars of the Ukrainian basketball Superleague.

Players were selected through voting by the captains of the teams and the fans. With an equal number of points the favored team player, which was not represented in the starting five.

Thus was formed the following five:

Team South: Klim Artamonov (BIPA-Odessa), Alexey Schepkin (Zaporozhye-ZOG), Alexey Onufriev (MBK Nikolaev) Alexander Tishchenko (BIPA-Odessa) and Vyacheslav Petrov (Chemist).

Team North: Henry Dugat (Budivelnik), Alexander Mishula (Dnipro), Vladimir Konev (Cherkasy Mavpy), Stanislav timofeyenko (Dnipro) and Mikhail Anisimov (Budivelnik).

The second is called the five coaches of clubs and two more will be determined by the organizers of the all-star game.

The match will take place on 27 January in Nikolaev.

Earlier it was reported that the team North for the all-star game will include representatives of Budivelnik, Dnieper, Cherkassy Map, Polytechnic, and South will present MBK Nikolaev, BEEPS, Chemist and Zaporozhye.

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