Superbugs by 2050 will kill 10 million people annually

Супербактерии к 2050 году будут убивать 10 миллионов человек ежегодно

The damage from superbugs will be 100 trillion dollars annually.

Superbugs – antibiotic resistant bacteria – by 2050 will kill 10 million people a year, if not to take any action against them. This is more than the number of deaths from cancer.

These findings are contained in the report on antimicrobial resistance, which was commissioned by the British government 1.5 years ago.

The report was prepared under the leadership of former chief economist of Goldman Sachs and author of the term BRICS, Jim O’neill. May 19 was presented the final version of the report.

O’neill urged the need to develop new types of antibiotics, as well as to organize a campaign to inform the population of the world, including doctors, about the dangers of superbugs.

The world has not seen a new class of antibiotics for several decades, he said.

The economist lamented that now the antibiotics give it to everyone, “like candy”, and the result is deadly bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli develop resistance to such drugs.

This in term will lead to the fact that a simple surgery for appendicitis could be deadly.

If you do not take any action, by 2050 the damage from superbugs will be 100 trillion annually, the report said.

O’neill called on governments and international organizations to prevent the unjustified use of existing antibiotics, and also to pay the companies $ 1 billion for each new open antibiotic.

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