Superfast Hyperloop passed full test

Сверхскоростной Hyperloop прошел полноценный тест

Hyperloop passenger capsule One

Passenger capsule has a top speed of 113 miles per hour.

In the U.S. the company Hyperloop One held the first testing of high-speed transport in a vacuum environment, reports the Verge.

Capsule intended for the carriage of passengers, has a top speed of 113 miles per hour. In the next phase of testing is planned to reach speeds of up to 400 kilometers.

Test conducted back in may, but the results Hyperloop One announced only in July.

Earlier it was reported that the first section of pipe for Hyperloop built in Nevada in March. Its length is 500 metres and a diameter of 3.3 meters.

In late April, American inventor, Creator of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk pokazac the concept of high-speed tunnel. He later showed live video of the testing of underground utilities.

Hyperloop system built above ground pipes with low pressure, which will be the linear motors. The pipes will move the Shuttle with passengers and cargo. It is planned that the shuttles can reach speeds of up to 1,200 kilometers an hour.