SUPPORT spoke about the violations before the second round

В ОПОРЕ рассказали о нарушениях перед вторым туром

The number of violations was influenced by the low intensity of the campaign in the regions of Ukraine and at the level of territorial communities.

Observers recorded no systemic violations of the law on the eve of the second round of presidential elections. This is stated in the report SUPPORT network.

“Observers of the civil network OPORA recorded no systemic violations of the electoral legislation on the eve of re-vote at the next election of the President of Ukraine”, – emphasized in the report.

According to the SUPPORT, the number of violations of electoral law have influenced the low intensity of the campaign in the regions of Ukraine and at the level of territorial communities.

It is noted that at the regional level, the presidential candidates conducted an active election campaign, and their local structure was limited to the implementation of organizational objectives and dissemination of campaigning materials.

Vladimir Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko have made trips to other regions of Ukraine, limited communication with voters through the media and social networks. This practice, on the one hand, according to experts, reflects the attempts of candidates to reach more voters with their message, and on the other, voters did not have the practical ability to interact with candidates through participation in meetings, rallies and other public events.

“Compared with the previous stage of the electoral process, and decreased the activity of known supporters (VIP-agitators) candidates for the post of President of Ukraine. Petro Poroshenko in April, led by the intensity of use of different forms of agitation,” – said in the SUPPORT.

The report also noted that a feature of the period between the first and second rounds of voting was the holding of negative propaganda campaigns against candidates for the post of President. As noted by the observers of the organization, mass kontragitatsiya were often anonymous, and the sources of funding for this activity was not transparent.

At the same time, the misuse of administrative resources during the election, according to experts, does not become a significant factor in the election campaign, but a number of officials and authorities failed to ensure political neutrality.

As reported, according to the results of voting day, March 31 nearly a quarter of a million ballots were declared invalid because conscious of their damage.

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