Support urged for local elections

Опора заявила о нарушениях на местных выборах

Violations mainly concern the rules of campaigning.

Among the violations of the current electoral process is a major infraction of the rules of campaigning, the report said the Civil network OPORA.

December 11, in Ukraine started the election of the local Council. This Sunday Ukrainians will continue to choose local authorities in 144 United communities. Participation in the vote will take residents of the 76 rural, township 46 and 21 urban communities in 22 regions of Ukraine, also elects 1 Reeve.

The monitoring SUPPORT, the main violations by candidates in these elections is the violation of the rules of campaigning: the distribution of printed campaign materials without the original data and their placement in prohibited by law.

Also documented individual cases of use in the propaganda purposes of social programs and projects, public support, officials of the subjects of the electoral process.

Earlier Корреспондент.net wrote that the current local elections in Ukraine will have large consequences in the future.