Suprun: Avakov has blocked the legalization medinalis

Супрун: Аваков заблокировал легализацию медканнабиса

The legalization medinalis blocked Avakov – Suprun

Suprun said that the Ministry of health at the last meeting of the government Groisman has submitted a draft decree on the legalization of medical cannabis, but he was blocked Arsen Avakov.

The Ministry of health at the last meeting of the government Groisman submitted the draft amendments to the Cabinet decision to legalize medinalis in the country, however the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov has not agreed consideration. This was announced by the former acting Minister of health Suprun reporters during the promotion of farewell to the team of Ministry of health #of Dakayarov, reports Interfax-Ukraine on Monday, September 2.

“We are on the last session of the government filed amendments to the regulation to make medical cannabis available to patients. All agreed – SBU, the Ministry, the Ministry of Finance, we. The only one who was blocked, it was Avakov and Ministry of internal Affairs,” said Suprun.

According to her, legalisation medinalis not require changes to the criminal code.

“We twice passed and twice they refused, because, according to them, it was necessary to amend the criminal code. This is not true, because this is medical cannabis and, as with other drugs used as medicines, can monitor be Prepared”, she said.

Recall that in late January on the website of the Verkhovna Rada was registered a petition for the legalization of medical cannabis, which for 42 days received the required consideration of 25 thousand votes.

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