Suprun called the condition for the free insurance in Ukraine

Супрун назвала условие для бесплатного страхования в Украине

Free insurance in Ukraine it is possible to introduce due to the larger tax burden

Free insurance in Ukraine can be entered only by increasing the tax burden, according to the Ministry of health.

In Ukraine it is possible to introduce a system free of insurance by increasing the tax burden on employers and employees. This was announced by acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun on Facebook.

“Free insurance no. Worldwide they pay employers and their employees. For example, in Germany payroll taxes on health care represents over 15% of payroll in France – about 13%, in Poland 12%. This expenditure on health care alone, without other taxes” – calculated the head of the Ministry.

According to Suprun, for the implementation of such system in Ukraine, the need to current contributions, which constitute more than 40% of the salary Fund, add another 10-12%.

“For minors, the disabled and the unemployed and pensioners health insurance premiums in full will pay the government” – promised the Minister.

As you know, State health insurance, which in 2018 is beginning to implement the Ministry of health, stipulates that all citizens of Ukraine who are already insured (for their medical services they paid for with General taxes). For these taxes they get a government-guaranteed insurance package – list of medical services.

As expect in the Ministry of health, 2020 Ukraine should begin active development of medical insurance.

Recall that the number of fatal accidents in the workplace in Ukraine by the end of 2018 increased by 5.4%. Just last year fatally injured 350 people against 332 in 2017.

It was also reported that the Ukrainians since the beginning of 2018 has paid contributions for obligatory state social insurance in amount of increase to 202.3 per billion UAH, which is by 41.4 billion, or 25.7% more than in January-November last year.

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