Suprun dispelled the myth about the dangers of bread yeast

Супрун развеяла миф о вреде хлеба на дрожжах

Suprun told about the benefits of bread yeast

Bread yeast is not harmful, on the contrary, the yeast make it more useful, said the acting Minister of health.

Yeast does not survive in the already sintered bread at high temperatures and they and their spores are killed. Therefore, to worry that the yeast in bread can bring any harm – not worth it. On Monday, March 18, the acting Minister of health Suprun wrote on his page on the social network Facebook.

According to her, the assertion that yeast stomach pain can be infection and even cancer, can be heard from people who promote yeast-free diet and often far from medicine and scientific research.

Suprun says that the yeast is a simple fungus, able to make sugar from carbon dioxide. They are added to the bread, so it was loose and nutritious. The clerk also reported that the yeast make the bread healthier – enrich it with vitamins and amino acids. In particular, in this bread more iron. When the dough is suitable, the enzymes of the microorganisms break down the phytin in the flour. Phytin is a compound that binds iron ions or zinc and makes them unavailable for absorption in our intestines. So the bread on sour dough contain much more available iron.

“But why, then, after the bread may experience abdominal pain and bloating? Because the white bread or sweet rolls a lot of carbohydrates and little fiber. From such a meal, especially if you eat a lot and quickly, there is pain and swelling,” – said acting Minister.

Suprun advises those who are still afraid of yeast, choose whole grain bread. According to her, it contains more nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. The main thing is his to chew and drink. This will facilitate the digestion process and absorption of nutrients.

Earlier Suprun is recommended to use no more than five teaspoons of sugar a day.

The clerk also explained how and how much should eat protein.


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