Suprun dispelled the myth of cactuses near the computer

Супрун развеяла миф о кактусах возле компьютера

Suprun explained to the Ukrainians that cacti do not protect from computer radiation

The Minister urged not to believe “information stuffing” and include critical thinking, using facts, not emotions.

Acting Minister of health Suprun debunked the myth of the cacti that protect from radiation when placed next to the computer. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

“Remember the usual stationary PC – large monitor, a unit that hums and a bunch of different switches and buttons. Invariable attribute of almost every such device is a few pots with cactus placed around. Myth claims the following: like the cactus plants which grow better by absorbing the radiation. If it is in excess quantity comes from the computer monitor and causes great harm. And the cacti are able to absorb and somehow to neutralize this damaging effect. How exactly – science is not known. After all, there is not a single scientific study that would confirm or refute this myth. Scientists do not even recognize this hypothesis and sufficient reason to conduct any research,” wrote the acting Minister of health.

She also urged not to believe “information stuffing” and include critical thinking, using facts, not emotions.

In addition, Suprun told about the most common signs of false information: lack of specificity, details, source information and alternative opinions.

“The story of the cactus – quite an innocent example. But a similar distortion of information that is becoming popular can be used for more hazardous to health and life of manipulation,” – said Suprun.

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