Suprun explained that means “consent to sex”

Супрун разъяснила, что означает "согласие на секс"

Suprun explained the effect of the new amendments to the criminal code

Acting Minister of health noted that around changes to the criminal code of Ukraine just for one day there are a lot of myths.

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun explained what constitutes consent to sex, but also explained the effect of the new amendments to the Criminal code regarding assault and rape. On Saturday, January 12, Suprun said on his page on the social network Facebook.

According to Suprun, it is strange that the simple concept of “consent to sex” has raised fears of a mass far-fetched accusations of violence. Also around changes in the criminal code in just a single day there are a lot of myths.

“Heated debate in social networks and panicky headlines in some media have demonstrated, at first glance, the simple truths that cause so many issues in society. Worst of all, misunderstanding between partners and can lead to dire consequences, in particular domestic violence,” writes the acting Minister of health.

In this regard, Suprun offers to understand what constitutes consent to sex and why it is important extension of the concepts of “sexual violence” and “rape”.

“Now sexual violence is also committing any violent acts of a sexual nature not related to the penetration into the body of another person, without the consent of the victim. Previously, the law defines sexual violence as forced to have sexual intercourse by force or intimidation, or if the person was in a helpless condition,” writes the official.

According to her, now rapists are to blame for the fact that they received not only unequivocal consent to sex, but in any demeaning actions against the victim.

“The importance of consent to sex is already a classic example of tea in the famous video, which translated into Ukrainian center Women’s perspectives. You don’t think to make drinking tea a man who doesn’t want to?” summed up Suprun.

We will remind, on January 11 in Ukraine entered into force amendments to the criminal code, which are designed to resolve the question of sexual consent. The Network reacted to this innovation, calling the changes the “Law of sex” and coming up with their own developments.


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