Suprun has told about reasons of deaths and diseases after vaccination

Супрун рассказала о причинах смертей и болезней после прививок

Suprun has told about reasons of deaths and diseases after vaccination

Acting Minister of health noted that since the outbreak of measles in the Ukraine died from it 30 people, and vaccination.

Statistical data of millions of people who gathered scientists after vaccination suggests that vaccines do not kill, they save lives. On Friday, February 22, on his page on the social network Facebook was reported by the acting head of the Ministry of health Suprun.

According to her death after vaccination does not mean the death from vaccination.

The official writes that the opponents of vaccination do not analyze the data. You need to record and keep track of all death, before you draw conclusions. Statistics of ill health was collected in the us database Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), but the researchers believe that the reason lies not in vaccination.

Suprun also told about the most frequent causes of deaths and diseases after vaccination over the last 70 years.

1. Vaccines are created from the perfect first vaccine really could have dangerous consequences. Therefore, there were cases when the number of vaccines was withdrawn from circulation, continued to use.

2. About conclusions – some cases of withdrawal of the vaccine was excessive and unjustified means of caution.

3. The vulnerability of infants not caused by the vaccination the risk of death of children up to two years higher than in older children, but not because of vaccines but because of several factors: the sudden infant death syndrome, congenital disease, accidents (e.g., when the mother in the dream his body overwhelms the child), and even tumors. Children born with low weight and those that are not his type, and the first two years of life die more often than children with normal.

4. Anaphylaxis is a systemic immediate reaction of the immune system – hypersensitivity reactions, which can be fatal. It develops within minutes after the vaccine. Suprun says that in vaccination points in this case there is the adrenaline and other drugs. The chances that you will begin anaphylaxis – severe allergic reaction – one or two per million.

5. Immunodeficiency – adverse reactions to vaccination with live vaccines may occur because of infringements of work of immune system, namely due to primary (congenital) and acquired (secondary) immunodeficiency that may develop, e.g., due to anticancer chemotherapy. After vaccination against measles in the United States died six people, all with different cases of immunodeficiency States, including due to prolonged treatment with corticosteroids. By themselves, the immunodeficiencies are a threat to life and make you sensitive to the severe course of infections.

6. The Guillain-Barre syndrome – a rare disease where his own immune system damages their nervous system.

“Is there a connection between vaccines and development of Guillain – Barre syndrome? There is evidence that vaccination increases the chance to 2 in 1,000,000 vaccinations. There is evidence that the opposite – prevents or simply does not affect”, – said Suprun.

7. Syncope (loss of consciousness) – some people react to the injection of sudden pressure drop, loss of consciousness; – autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced adjuvants or syndrome Schonfeld – in vaccines include substances that enhance the immune response to vaccine adjuvants. In genetically predisposed people with a family history of autoimmune diseases such substances, as well as, for example, silicone breast implants, squalene and guaiacol present in whiskey, can cause chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, weakness and even death. Schonfeld syndrome associated with the vaccine against human papilloma virus and influenza. But it should be understood that it is not in vaccines, and in individual sensitivity, which is extremely rare.

Suprun stressed that Ukraine has all adverse reaction after vaccination is monitored closely. Within 30 days after vaccination, each case of reactions that is not in the expected for this vaccine, it is obligatory by your doctor. Information on incident is passed to testing centres at the national level, where we study the relationship between it and the vaccine.

“30 deaths from measles – that’s a fact. A single case of death from vaccines in the Ukraine was not recorded for the entire period of independence. It is also a fact”, – said the acting head of the Ministry of health.

Previously, Mr. Suprun said that the simultaneous vaccination against several diseases not harmful to health.

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