Suprun said that Amosova stormed the University

Супрун заявила, что Амосова штурмует медуниверситет

Sturm medical University

Published from the event video shows a scuffle and hustle. Later it became known to intervene in the incident to the police.

Acting Minister of health Suprun morning of Monday, 14 January, said that the former chief Executive of the National medical University Bogomolets Ekaterina Amosova with his supporters stormed the University. She wrote about it in the microblog Twitter.

Also the head of the Ministry of health has published the corresponding video.

“Right now Ekaterina Amosova with their supporters who behave like normal aunts, carry out the assault, Bogomolets national medical University,” wrote Suprun.

The video shows a scuffle inside the institution and fight.

Right now Kateryna Amosova time from svoi pricelinecom scho povidatsya, Yak tipov titushki, stesnyat storm NMU im. Bohomoltsya.

— Ulyana Suprun (@usuprun) January 14, 2019.


Suprun later said that the police withdrew from the people who tried to break into the premises.

“But Ekaterina Amosova not going to stop. We know that it is planned another attempt – this time with the participation of representatives of the court,” – said Suprun.

We will remind, on Friday, January 11, the Ministry of health for the third time Amos was fired from the post of rector. Until 22 December 2018, the District administrative court of Kiev has suspended a previous order of the MoH of resignation Ekaterina Amosova and forbade anyone, except Amosova, to hold the position of rector.

February 20, 2018 the Ministry of health for the first time of Amoz was removed from the duties of rector of medical University im. Bogomolets because of the failure of the licensing examination Step for dental students 3 courses. However, in March it through the courts regained the position, but in April, it was again fired.


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