Suprun told about the benefits of Pets for children

Супрун рассказала о пользе домашних животных для детей

Suprun told, why children can’t prohibit to play with animals

Children cannot be prohibited to play outside or contact with Pets.

Acting Minister of health Suprun told, do parents have to refuse a pet if they have a child. She wrote about this in Facebook.

“It is widely believed that animals can have a negative impact on the immune system, promote the development of allergies and asthma and just bring the dirt. However, studies show that in fact, Pets can be good for kids,” said Suprun.

According to her, early contact with certain bacteria may develop in children the immune response, which in turn, is the prevention of allergies and a weakened immune system.

“Scientists have found the bacterium, transported dogs, which positively affects the development of microflora. The study of more than 700 canadian children show that those who kept the dog at home and after birth, were significantly more bacteria, which reduces the risk of skin allergies (dermatitis and asthma) and obesity”, she added.

Cats, said Suprun, can also protect the baby from developing asthma. In children who are genetically prone to asthma, it is unlikely the manifestation of the disease, if the house lives a cat.

The acting Minister stressed that children cannot be prohibited to play outside or contact with Pets.

“Excessive cleanliness can affect our immune system is not the best way. Even non-pathogenic bacteria we need to train the immune system. The earlier and more regularly the children will have the opportunity to contact with harmless organisms, the better it trains their immune system. Animals and microorganisms with which we develop and grow – are the best stimulants and the coaches of the immune system,” explained Suprun.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of health spoke about the “pet-therapy”, which is used in medicine and rehabilitation to improve mental and physical health.

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