Suprun told about the dangers of oxygen cocktails

Супрун рассказала о вреде кислородных коктейлей

Suprun called ineffective oxygen cocktails

Oxygen cocktails and useless is the “air Commerce,” said acting head of the Ministry of health.

Acting Minister of health Suprun told, is it good to drink oxygen cocktails. She wrote about this in his Facebook.

Suprun said that the idea that oxygen is able to be absorbed through the stomach, arose in the Soviet Union in the 1960s. However, studies have confirmed the ability to “breathe with the stomach” no. In addition, a lot of oxygen is injurious. The increase of haemoglobin in the body leads to the fact that gaining momentum free radical chain reactions, aging, damage cell membranes and DNA. The additional supply of oxygen is required, for example, patients with acute respiratory failure.

Suprun cites the example of an experiment with laboratory mice: “below the oxygen ended up in the intestines of laboratory mice in the experiment over a week kept in chambers with high pressure oxygen (hyperbaric chambers). This mouse younger and healthier are not, but they changed the intestinal microflora. In normal, there are bacteria that do not need oxygen”.

In one liter of a cocktail in the best case would be 100-150 milligrams of oxygen. During the day we breathe in 550 liters of pure oxygen or inhaled 4 liters per minute. In fact, instead of two liters of oxygen cocktail, you can just make three deep breaths.

Suprun added that the most effective oxygen cocktail is a jog in the Park or in the woods after a rain, or at least aerobic exercise in a well ventilated gym. It is the work of muscles and heart, improves blood circulation and increases the amount of oxygen that enters our body.

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