Suprun told about the first aid kit for emergencies

Супрун рассказала об аптечке для чрезвычайной ситуации

The head of the Ministry of health told how to equip a personal first aid kit at the time of martial law

The head of the Ministry told how to equip a personal first aid kit to be prepared for emergencies.

Acting Minister of health Suprun advised how to complete a personal first aid kit to be prepared for emergencies, especially in the period of martial law. About this, the acting Minister said in Facebook.

“Responsible citizens should always be focused and ready for emergencies. Especially in these times of martial law. Check your personal first aid kit. It must be staffed according to your needs and include only those drugs, which have not expired,” said Suprun.

She also published a basic set which must be included in the kit of every Ukrainian:

– two pairs of gloves

– valve film for artificial respiration,

– tools to stop the bleeding – tourniquet

– a hemostatic bandage with a hemostatic means,

– gauze of different sizes,

– gauze bandages, elastic,

– bandages can be locked,

– plasters in different sizes

– thermal blanket,

– atraumatic scissors in order to be able to cut clothes for the affected,

– a big scarf that you can fix the limb affected,

– antiseptic – hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes,

vest with reflective elements



In addition, the acting head of the Ministry of health advised me to learn how to provide pre-medical help.

Earlier Suprun advised what to do when the first symptoms of influenza.

Recall, Ukraine because of the conflict in the Black sea with the capture of the ships and sailors entered in ten areas under martial law.

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