Suprun told about the use of raspberry for colds

Супрун рассказала о пользе малины при простуде

Ulyana Suprun told about the properties of raspberry

Ulyana Suprun told about the properties of the raspberry and how to apply it in the cold.

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun said that tea with raspberry is not a panacea for colds, but may facilitate the occurrence of a disease. On Friday, October 5, she announced on his page on the social network Facebook.

Suprun draws attention to the fact that if the disease is not caused by or complicated by bacterial infection (for treatment of which antibiotics are needed), then people just need healthy food, drugs that reduce the temperature (paracetamol or ibuprofen) and a warm drink (here comes raspberry).

“Bacterial respiratory tract infection should be treated with antibiotics to which the pathogen is sensitive, not only hot tea. In case of prolonged cough, temperature and weakness, consult your doctor and do not self-medicate. Traditional methods do not replace a full treatment,” writes the acting Minister of health.

According to Suprun, tea with raspberry maintains water balance. Raspberry also supports the immune system because it contains flavonoids, vitamin C and some sugar.

“These substances are necessary for the immune system and help fight disease. In addition, during the disease often no appetite, a warm drink with raspberries – a good way to make some time to feed the body,” reminded the acting Minister.

She informed that a part of raspberry also has acetylsalicylic acid which helps reduce fever and inflammation.

“That’s why raspberry also helps to ease the symptoms of colds. But remember that raspberry is solely adjuvant and not a substitute for drugs that are recommended by the doctor. Indeed, although the raspberry and can bring the temperature down, it is difficult to determine how much you need to accept it right for you to achieve the desired result. In addition, if you have a temperature below 38 degrees, it should not knock at all. After all, this is evidence of the immune response of the body and start an infection,” said acting Minister of health.

Earlier Suprun has called on Ukrainians to frequently communicate with the grandparents.

It also offered Ukrainians to treat some diseases by listening to music.


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