Suprun told how to deal with panic attacks

Супрун рассказала, как бороться с паническими атаками

A panic attack is always and the symptoms do not threaten

The head of the Ministry of health Suprun told what is a panic attack and how to counter them.

Panic attack is described as a feeling of sudden and intense anxiety and fear. These symptoms do not pose significant danger to humans, however, much afraid. About it the acting head of the Ministry of health Suprun announced on his page in Facebook on Saturday, may 11.

“A lot of people at least once in life experienced such a state: I don’t know what to do, very scared, full of confusion, legs do not listen and think that’s gonna happen heart attack or you lose consciousness. Happens suddenly, without apparent reason, reaches its climax in 10 minutes and takes about half an hour. It’s not just a sudden worsening of mood, this is a panic attack,” – wrote the Minister.

According to her, these symptoms do not pose significant danger to humans, but very frightening.

Suprun said that panic attacks are often prone to the survivors once the traumatic experience. At risk are also those whose relatives suffered from panic attacks whose work involves a stressful situation, people who in childhood were abused or experienced drastic changes in life. To provoke panic attacks can where once there was a sudden attack – or subway, for example, a closed room.

“Usually, a panic attack lasts from 5 minutes to half an hour,” said Suprun. If this occurs, you should try to take control of yourself and your fear. When anxiety begins to take place, you need to try to focus on what surrounds, and continue to go about their business.

Will help support a loved one who will support and assure them that everything will pass, and these symptoms do not pose a threat to life. If during panic attacks breathing, slow, calm breathing can ease other symptoms. People who are prone to panic attacks, Suprun advised to do breathing exercises every day.

Also the head of the Ministry of health offers to understand, what causes stress, not to limit physical activity, to monitor the nutrition and proper sleep to give up coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.

It is important to consult a neurologist or psychotherapist. “Panic attacks can develop into phobias or obsessive-compulsive disorder, so they cannot be ignored,” said Suprun.

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