Suprun told how to lose weight after the holidays

Супрун рассказала, как сбросить вес после праздников

Suprun advised how to lose weight

Acting Minister of health, noted that excess weight gain during the holidays not only Ukrainians.

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun told, without harm to health to get back in shape after Christmas and new year holidays. Appropriate post Suprun on Friday, 11 January, published on his page on the social network Facebook.

According to her, for many the end of the holidays be a signal to immediately go on a strict diet and run to the gym.

“Do not rush! To return to normal mode, it is important to gradually and carefully, so as not to harm the health”, – is spoken in the message.

Research confirms the following fact – in spite of the different traditions of celebration in the world, the vast majority of people tend to gain weight during the holidays.

Thus, in one study, scientists analyzed the weight of people from three different countries (about 3 million people) during one year. It is revealed that the more weight the participants gained after the Christmas holidays – the weight increased by about 0.5% after 10 days after Christmas compared to the weight of 10 days prior to the celebration. But overall, the extra weight did not exceed 1 kilogram and other holiday periods.

Another study has disproved the myth that on average people in the US are gaining more than 2.5 kg over the holiday period. And they were right – the participants of the study gained much less weight – the actual change was 370 grams.

However, according to Suprun, scientists have warned that in the long term, recruited several hundred grams can be harmful. They have the ability to accumulate, if you ignore them. That is why it is important after the holidays and overeating to get rid of the gained weight.

The acting head of the Ministry of health has published a few tips on how to lose weight after the holidays:

– Don’t limit yourself in food and not sit on a strict diet.

The various “marathons” weight loss in 5 days create a lot of stress to the body as overeating during the holidays. Try to make your diet more healthy – eat more vegetables and fruit, fiber cereal and keep in mind the portion size.

– Do not start right away with intense physical activity – it increases the risk of injury.

If you have a family doctor – don’t forget to measure your waist. The measurement of waist circumference – the most accurate indicator to identify the amount of dangerous abdominal fat.

– Go back to its usual mode of the day – if, of course, you were healthy.

“Start to eat healthier and move more as quickly as possible! It does not need to wait for Monday, the 1st day or the end of all holidays,” says Suprun.

Earlier Suprun told how pepper helps to lose weight.

Also the acting Minister of health of Ukraine reported that harmful are the simple carbohydrates contained in sugar or sweets.


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