Suprun told how to reduce the risk of cancer

Супрун рассказала, как снизить риск заболевания раком

Suprun told how to reduce the likelihood of cancer

From 30% to 50% of cancer cases can be avoided if to get rid of the risk factors, said Suprun.

Ukraine has registered about one million patients with cancer, and annually capture more than 130 thousand new cases.About this on his page in Facebook wrote acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun.

According to her, in our country, patients with cancer have access to effective treatment and anticancer drugs.

“Transforming the health care system so that people facing cancer can get effective and affordable treatment and not pay the last money to fight the disease. Due to procurement through international organisations we have increased the number of drugs for cancer patients significantly. For example, patients with blood cancer for the first time 100% guaranteed drug Imatinib. This drug is an international organization could purchase in 67 (!) times cheaper than the state in 2014. Also of the drug for the chemotherapy Docetaxel in 2017 purchased 5 times more”, – says Suprun.

She noted that screening can prevent the development of cancer pathology.

“From 30% to 50% of cancer cases can be avoided if to get rid of the risk factors and to undergo annual check-UPS. The likelihood of developing cancer in the individual depends on various factors – genetics, lifestyle, environment, history, other diseases, diet, activity, presence of children, and many other factors,” said Suprun

She also stressed that a healthy lifestyle reduces the likelihood of cancer.

“Avoid sunburn, prolonged sun exposure, tanning, and especially tanning beds. Time to do the vaccinations. For example, early vaccination against hepatitis b can prevent liver cancer, if not other risk factors (e.g. excessive alcohol consumption). Vaccination against human papilloma virus is almost fully protects against developing cervical cancer in women and laryngeal cancer in men,” – said acting Minister.

She urged Ukrainians to abandon bad habits.

“The less alcohol we consume, the less likely of several types of cancer: breast, liver, pancreas, rectum. Smoking can cause lung cancer and increase the likelihood of other types of cancer. Stick to a cancer diet, which includes consumption of carrots, tomatoes, blackberries, raspberries, nuts, purple grapes, apples and all varieties of cabbage,” said Suprun.

Earlier the health Ministry said that Ukraine has one of the highest mortality rates in road accidents.


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