Suprun urged to get rid of the “Soviet leper colony”

Супрун призвала избавиться от "советских лепрозориев"

Ukraine does not need the Soviet leper colony, says Suprun

The status of such majaveini needs to be revised, and the old forms of assistance – changed.

The head of the Ministry of health Suprun said that there are many medical institutions need to change the status and forms of providing medical care. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

As an example, she cited the leper colony. “In Ukraine there is a leper colony – a huge establishment, built in Soviet times, where he assisted patients with leprosy (or leprosy). This is a chronic disease that affects mainly the skin, peripheral nerves, mucosa of the upper respiratory tract and eyes. Without treatment the disease inevitably leads to disability. Even in the twentieth century the treatment was very complicated and could last a lifetime in such places as this leper colony,” said Suprun.

The Minister stressed that in 60 years science has invented a combination of drugs that could be fast enough to defeat the disease, the patient can completely be cured from leprosy, so he did not have years to sit in isolation of the leper colony.

“Today the Ukrainian leprosarium is no longer required perform those functions that were placed on him ten years ago. Now it exists more as a sanatorium in a very poor condition. This example is in Ukraine, not the only one. We inherited a lot of medical institutions, which have not been changed and no longer serve their purpose,” wrote Suprun.

In her opinion, the status of such majaveini needs to be revised, and the old forms of assistance – changed.

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