Supryaga: In Europe too early for me

Супряга: В Европу мне еще слишком рано

Vladislav Supryaga

Dynamo presented Wladyslaw Spragu as a player.

Striker Vladislav Supryaga answered the questions of journalists during the presentation of Dynamo newcomers and commented on the selection of game numbers and the prospect of playing in Europe.

“First, it was my dream to get to Dynamo.

Why chose 89. I was supposed to make his debut for Dnipro in the first League, but the match was broke and I set a goal that will make their debut in the Premier League at this number.

In Europe too early for me, I’m young, yet want to try yourself here”, – said Supryaga at a press conference.

Earlier Supryaga explained why he chose Dynamo.

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