Surkis: 5-6 years ago I would have fired Khatskevich

Суркис: Еще 5-6 лет назад я бы уволил Хацкевича

Ihor Surkis gave it a second chance the head coach of the Dynamo.

The President of Dynamo Igor Surkis has shared his opinion on the work of head coach Alexander Khatskevich and placed on him the hope.

“We are the second season in a row dont get into the Champions League. Last year it could be attributed to the fact that Khatskevich only took charge of the team. Now, knowing me, 5-6 years ago, I would have removed the head coach. But I see what a Titanic work has Khatskevich with young players. As it is hard to inculcate in them the football, which he would like to play. I think he should be given another chance. Sure if the team will hear it and me, the big wins are in the offing.

Yes, the results are not very encouraging especially the fans, me as the President of the club and the people who today invest in the team not only money, but heart and soul. Khatskevich is building a young, new team. We are able to discuss with you, but the way it is. Play young and promising guys. We took Spragu, and Khatskevich decided to put it. Frankly – during the great Lobanovskiy I could not imagine that this is possible. But Khatskevich decided, taking charge. I understand his behaviour after losing the match “the Carpathians”. He was upset, but the team trusts him. Let’s all be patient and wait. I hope that he will succeed”, – quotes Surkis Dynamomania.

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