Surkis announced the task before team in the Europa League

Суркис озвучил задачу перед командой в Лиге Европы

Ihor Surkis

The President of Dynamo Igor Surkis said that Dynamo got an even group in the Europa League.

“Rivals, I took it absolutely fine, it’s not the first draw in our lives. With all the teams need to play. To say that we are the leaders because they were among the seeded teams, and are in the first place, I wouldn’t. We all remember our matches against young boys, when after the first game in Kiev was sure that go through, and everything happened Vice versa. Therefore, it is necessary to enter the field and fight from the first until the last minute to prove their superiority, not in words but in deeds.

Overall, we have a group smooth. You need to look at the calendar, and prepare to spend the fall in a way to please their fans.

Young Boys? I wouldn’t call a great gift to play on an artificial pitch, because we are constantly on natural. Want to present revanchist, and that guys are the class of their game proved to themselves and the fans that failure with the Swiss in qualifying for the Champions League was an accident. And in football they are often.

Of course, if you do not feel the desire of revenge, that sports have nothing to do, but should not think of how to revenge and to prove that you are above the class. Of course, it’s a surprise that we for the second time in a short time meet with this team. We already played there and know that this is a well organized team.

But if we want something to fight, these teams have to pass in and out of the European competitions. The team clearly such a task will be delivered,” – said Igor Surkis.

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