Surkis: I Wish the newcomers began to help the team

Суркис: Хотелось бы, чтобы новички начали помогать команде

Ihor Surkis is hoping that Dynamo Kiev will improve the quality of the game.

President of Kiev Dynamo Igor Surkis after the game with Arsenal Kyiv told about the adaptation of the newcomers and Bueno in the role of the Central striker.

“I would like to see newcomers quickly adapted and began to help the team, especially at a time when players have injuries. It would be great if they could painlessly replace Verbicha, buialskyi, Besedin, joined the team.

Today, Bueno played the role of a Central striker. The coaching staff knows better what position is best to use the players. He was probably unusual, but today was not enough forwards, so Khatskevich experimenting. In such matches it is possible to check if the Bueno play on the edge.

Now we are lagging behind its main competitor by two points, so I’d rather not talking about winning series, but about improving the quality of the game, in the Europa League to show football, which is popular with the audience and brings results. In football everything is forgotten, except for the result, but again, the football should be of good quality” – quoted Surkis official website of Dynamo.

Earlier it was reported that Dinamo lost to Arsenal-Kiev in a friendly match.

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