Surkis: loud transfers Do for matches with Shakhtar is impractical

Суркис: Делать громкие трансферы для матчей с Шахтером нецелесообразно

Ihor Surkis

President of Kiev Dynamo Igor Surkis told what strategy guided the capital club in the transfer market, as well as p

According to Surkis, before Kiev was the task of advancing to the knockout stages of the Champions League, however, to achieve these goals, the team has planned at the expense of their own students.

“I was already accused that I instructed to regroup in September, during the season, but I never said I wanted to leave the group in the Champions League. But long before that, we talked to Rebrov on the introduction of young players to the squad, knowing that to do high-profile acquisitions we fail,” – said Surkis in an interview

“Under “high profile transfer” I don’t mean Ronaldo or Suarez – I mean players who are much stronger than those now in our lineup. And these artists now to invite the Dynamo is almost impossible. Unless you pay a huge transfer fee and sign contracts on huge wages. I believe now feasible to pay the money to the players that they played in the season 2-4 Shakhtar match and two matches with teams that occupy the third place”.

In addition, the President of Dynamo expressed confidence that his team will finish in the Premier League above Dawn.

“Everyone was shouting about the sensation, that dawn will be in a high place. But dawn will be in the place where it will be. And Dynamo will be in the place that will. If we are in this season don’t win gold medals (believe me, despite the current tournament situation, we will fight for them!), the following season again involved in the title race,” said Surkis.

After 16 rounds of the championship of Ukraine, Kiev are second in the standings, trailing by 8 points from Shakhtar, while ahead by 5 points reaching the third Dawn.

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