Surkis: the Phrase “Dynamo heart” don’t understand. And what a heart must that be? Portuguese?

Суркис: Фразу "динамовское сердце" не понимаю. А какое сердце должно быть? Португальское?

Alex Mickle

Igor Surkis told why he made the choice of head coach in favor of Alexei Mikhailichenko.

President of Kiev Dynamo Igor Surkis in an interview with Profootball told why chose Alexei Mikhailichenko new coach, why not choose Yuri Vernidub and how to apply to the term “Dynamo heart”.

“We have a very strong rival Shakhtar Donetsk. This team is well staffed, with good financial capacity and a good philosophy. Dynamo Kiev have the financial capacity no. And everyone knows, I’m not hiding.

I have great respect for the Vernydub. He did a great job with the team where they worked. And the team work was much more complicated than Dynamo Kiev. None of those possibilities. First of all, the team didn’t have a home, but she performed at a sufficiently high level, and there was such a large failure.

But my decision was made for one simple reason: Mickle was aware of everything that happened in the Dynamo Kiev. He didn’t have secrets. He was involved in transfer policy, it 4-5 times a month, went on business trips, watching games of other teams, spoke with the Khatskevich, saw the training process, knows the team inside.

It’s the middle of the season, we talked to Mickle, I’ve been told that we are one team. Here the phrase “Dynamo heart” I do not understand. What does “Dynamo heart”? Well, played the man in the Dynamo, so what is he supposed to be heart? Portuguese or what?! Well, Fonseca worked at the miner, three of the championship, got to the Champions League. It beckoned so he went to Roma. Or the trainer who came today to the miner. It is something achieved? Also nothing was achieved.

Mickle was in football, he was a self-sufficient person. His merits and titles say a lot. He’s more than trained, he saw the process in many clubs, where he went and watched the training process. Mickle being improved all the time. In his office 4 monitor that simultaneously showed different football. He watched and watched football. It gives you more than standing on the field. It is a legend, a symbol. Moreover, it is a symbol of loyalty to the club Dynamo Kyiv, which will not run, which consisted of all of the situation, which was with the club in the joyful moments and Vice versa. I’m sure he will do his best. It will be open 24 hours a day to revive the team Dynamo Kiev,” – said Surkis.

Earlier Surkis told for how long he signed a contract with the new coach.

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