Surkis: you said that he had no motivation to do something with the team

Суркис: Ребров сказал, что у него нет мотивации что-то делать с командой

Ihor Surkis

The President of Dynamo Igor Surkis praised the work of Sergei Rebrov at Dynamo.

The President of Dynamo Igor Surkis summed up the work in his club’s head coach Sergei Rebrov.

“As I said, I was very supportive of Rebrov. On Monday I had a conversation with him. Waited till the last minute that his decision will be different. I even throughout a disappointing season offered him a new contract” — quoted Surkis official website of Dynamo.

“But he is so decent guy who honestly said, “I Have no more motivation to do something with this team. Or there should be a new head coach, or do I need to change a certain number of players”, but for some reason today we can’t do this. He was absolutely honest, and I thanked him for the work done. Eternal Champions does not happen.

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Agree, I took a big risk when he appointed, because he never worked on the post of the head coach. But he managed to become a good mentor due to his hard work, character, same as he showed on the football field. I can confidently say that he went to rest enough already by a qualified technician. And am impressed that he is going to go to European clubs, to look at the training process.

You said that I should relax, that he had lost the adrenaline. He didn’t talk about our transfer policy, nor on the further functioning of our units club or school football. He just made such a decision. I can assure you that if Rebrov somewhere doubted to leave him or not, I would have convinced him to stay.

How would you assess the work Rebrov on a 10-point scale? I would like a President who worked with him, gave him a maximum score of ten,” said Surkis.

We will remind, Serhiy Rebrov led the Dynamo in 2014 and for three years has twice led the team to the League title and twice won the Cup of Ukraine. The new coach of Dinamo was Alexander Khatskevich.

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