Surveillance of a synagogue in Kiev: NABOO set involved

Слежка за синагогой в Киеве: НАБУ установило причастных

The NAB said that the set of people who have attended the synagogue in Kiev

In the NEB report that the synagogue was tapped by employees of other Ukrainian law enforcement Agency.

National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine said that found people who listened to the Central synagogue in Kiev. On Thursday, November 15, the press service of NABOO.

So, the Bureau studied the videotape published on the Internet, and found exactly who recorded it.

“Those who the media call “agents of NABOO”, were employees of other Ukrainian law enforcement Agency. To preserve the credibility of law enforcement system of Ukraine, the Bureau will not call, to what belong on these persons”, – reported in NABOO.

Earlier, the chief Rabbi of Ukraine said that the staff of NABOO were being followed in the Central synagogue of Kiev. NABU said that was not installing any devices for covert surveillance in the Central synagogue.


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