Sushchenko from Lefortovo sent an open letter to journalists

Сущенко из Лефортово обратился с открытым письмом к журналистам

Roman Sushchenko, archive photo

Roman Sushchenko, of which more than half a year ago was illegally detained in Russia, in an open letter from prison “Lefortovo” thanked all Ukrainian and foreign colleagues for their support and solidarity, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“The last six months, fate gives me a unique opportunity to evaluate and feel the power and depth of journalistic solidarity and support from many colleagues, professional and community organizations. Thank you for this moment!” – said in his address Sushchenko.

Сущенко из Лефортово обратился с открытым письмом к журналистам

Letter Sushchenko

Except for the team of his news Agency, he thanked colleagues Alla Lazarus, Anna Cheshnovsky, Alexander Miller, Galia Ackerman, Yuri Safronov, Benoit vitkine, Constance Bourke, Brussels colleague Irina Somer, the correspondent of “1+1” in Berlin Natalia Fiebrig, the Moscow correspondent of the UNIAN Roman Tsimbalyuk.

Sushchenko also grateful for the support NUJU, International and European Federation of journalists, the European Alliance of news agencies, the Association of Polish journalists, “Reporters without borders”, as well as representatives of the PEN club, including Vice-President of the John Maxwell Coetzee, who wrote him letters, and others.

“I thank you sincerely and believe that soon will come the day when I can thank you personally”, emphasizes unlawfully arrested in Russian journalist.

Сущенко из Лефортово обратился с открытым письмом к журналистам

Letter Sushchenko

He noted that in April of this year marks 15 years since he consciously devoted his life to journalism.

“Since that time I have not had to regret his choice, because regrets are like books we never read,” – writes the novel.

In his opinion, journalism, on the one hand, should serve society, and on the other, to set the bar high social ideals and values.

As previously reported, the correspondent of UKRINFORM in France Roman Sushchenko, in violation of international law, detained September 30, 2016 in Moscow, where he arrived on a private trip.

On 7 October he was charged with “espionage”. The FSB of Russia stated that Sushchenko is an employee of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

In Gur MOU officially refuted that statement.

The Lefortovo district court extended Sushchenko period of stay in custody until April 30.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed strong protest in connection with this decision.

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