Svitolina: Almost cry when I need to say goodbye to the Ukrainian fans

Свитолина: Почти плачу, когда мне нужно прощаться с украинскими поклонникам

Elina Svitolina

Ukrainian tennis player – on a visit to his homeland.

Elina Svitolina told how he spent time in the Ukraine during the winter off-season.

“In Ukraine, I had to rest, but the time it really was not. Five days I was in Kiev, where I had a lot of different things.

Many children approached me and said that watch my matches. Even adults said that they do not sleep at night to see me play.

Nice to hear such things, because in Ukraine I don’t spend a lot of time. When I come there and meet fans, it’s amazing. I almost cry when I need to say goodbye. So that’s very nice of them,” – said Elina Svitolina during a press conference at the tournament in Brisbane.

Recall that the Ukrainian reached the quarter-finals of the competition, beating Ana Groom. Also, our athlete scored the best shot of the day.

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