Svitolina dramatic lost to Halep and left Roland Garros

Свитолина драматично уступила Халеп и покинула Ролан Гаррос

Elina Svitolina

Ukrainian Elina Svitolina has lost a huge advantage over Simona Halep and left the Open championship of France.

For the match against Halep, Elina came out unhealed injury – sore back made itself felt in the interval between matches, and, as reported by the sponsor of the Ukrainian Yuriy Sapronov, in the quarterfinals of the Ukrainian had to play “shots”.

To great happiness in the beginning of the match Elina made everyone forget about it. Perfect game, great attack and shocking for Halep 5:0 in the beginning of the match.

Slightly modifying the rhythm of the game, the Romanian pushed Elina in the defense and managed to make a break. and even was close to having to return the second lost the flow. Svitolina didn’t plan to give up two beautiful flow, another manifestation of the incredible nature, great flick by the trailer and realized the set-bol! Bravo!

Despite the fact that in the end the start of the party could seem, that Halep started to play bolder, more active and better at the start of the second set Elina newly designed break!

Securing their advantage taken own supply, Ukrainian began to kill the startled rival. Halep tried to break/crush the racket, shouting, asks to his mentor, but more in the game plan she could not.

Свитолина драматично уступила Халеп и покинула Ролан Гаррос

After hours of play, the score reported on the overwhelming advantage Elina – 6:3, 5:1. The spectators in the stadium and television screens could confirm advantage Svitolina. Elina was any punches with any power, but Simon only helped her unforced errors.

However, it is at this point beginning to happen something unimaginable. Elina continued to attack, but now the Romanian heroically pulled every ball, forcing the Ukrainian to make a mistake over and over again. Simon won 5 games in a row and had a triple set-bol, but Elina again turn on the “heroine” and turned the set on tie-break.

Already there Svitolina incredibly unlucky – with the score 6:7 Ukrainian led in the drawing, however, the impact Halep treacherous passes through the mesh, put a point in the set.

Alas, put the kick point in the match. Elina was not able to recover from this shock and lost the final game dry…

In the fight for the finals Simona Halep will face Czech Karolina Pliskova.

The 1/4 finals:

Simona Halep (Romania, 3) – Elina Svitolina (Ukraine, 5) – 3:6, 7:6 (6), 6:0

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