Svitolina: Goals for the upcoming season very much

Свитолина: Целей на грядущий сезон очень много

Ukrainian wants to win the Grand Slam and become the first racket of the world.

The fourth racket of the world Elina Svitolina talked about goals for next season and expressed the hope that the experience of the Final tournament in Singapore will help it achieve these goals.

“Goals for the upcoming season very much. It is the first racket of the world and the tournament “Grand slam”. I’m moving in the right direction, always improve your rating. I will try to prepare to play as best as possible.

The first Grand slam tournament to be held in Melbourne in January, very difficult for all players, he is the first of the year and after heavy training in December. This tournament, which always shows who is Philo, and who is truly trained.

Will be a tough tournament, let’s see how will play, but I think that the tournament in Singapore has brought me much experience, and I can use it in the right direction,” said Svitolina.

Note that Svitolina became the best tennis player Oct version of the WTA.

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