Svitolina: I don’t care who we play at the start of the Australian Open

Свитолина: Мне неважно, с кем играть на старте Australian Open

Elina Svitolina

Ukrainian tennis player has shared his expectations before the start of the first season of the Grand slam tournament.

“I feel good. Nice to return here. Unfortunately, the weather here is bad. It’s not like even that we are actually in Australia. So, yeah, I’m happy to be back. Train, just get pleasure from the first major of the season. It’s always exciting.

I have no choice with whom to play at the start of the tournament. I can’t change the weather or to change something. For me has no special value, with whom to play. It is important for me to show my game and be ready, very focused and fresh. Yes, that is the goal.

Each Grand slam tournament is always a little different, because it depends on performances at previous competitions, how much confidence you have. I had a great week in Brisbane. Of course, I’m more confident. But I will try to play match after match, focus on your game and not think about some crazy things,” quoted Elina Svitolina official site of the Australian Open.

Everyone wants to win the title. Everyone wants to play well. So, I’m trying to find a way to help me to be ready to fight,” – said Ukrainian.

Recall that Elina Svitolina will begin their performances in the Open championship of Australia on tennis the second round. She could have an opponent from qualifying.

Also, our athlete was among the contenders for victory in the tournament.

See also the form in which Ukrainian will be the first Grand slam tournament of the season.

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