Svitolina: I’m ready for the game on Tuesday

Свитолина: Буду готова к игре во вторник

Elina Svitolina commented on his physical condition ahead of the match in Wuhan.

The first racket of Ukraine Elina Svitolina are unable to continue the match in Guangzhou due to injury. On Tuesday, September 24, Svitolina will play against Garbine Muguruza in Wuhan. Ukrainian fights of the tournament from the second round.

On the eve of the match, Svitolina said and their health and physical condition as well as the end of the season.

“If to speak about my injury, at the moment there is no specific solutions. That is, I could not play in Zhengzhou and Guangzhou, but I decided to play decided to try. I didn’t know that I would spend 5 hours and 15 minutes on court in one day and it will completely destroy my form and my body to the next tournament. That’s why we decided to relax a bit. I practiced today, I’m fine. I think I’ll be ready to play Tuesday,” – said Ukrainian.

The purpose Svitolina on the rest of the season is the performance at the Final tournament, the winner of which she became in 2018.

“I’m doing everything in my power to be ready and to play well in Wuhan and Beijing. I trained a little, not too much. I feel I can play well, if you feel up to it. Now I try to do everything possible to physically be in shape on the court. My goal is to be healthy. Among other goals is the performance at the Final tournament, of course, is also my goal. By far, this is my goal for the end of the season. But too ponder what to do, I won’t.

I have to play 3 tournaments, all tennis players pretty close to each other on points. So, yeah, that’s my goal, but the goal is also not to kill my knee. It is also important, I think so (laughs). Of course, now felt the pressure of the past tournaments. Everyone is fighting for some results. These tournaments are only the strongest, everyone comes here, so want to show themselves from the best side. Sometimes and sometimes not. That’s why I try to focus on his health and his game. What needs to happen will happen,” said Svitolina.

Earlier Svitolina made fun of censorship in China.

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