Svitolina: the Goal for the season entering the Final tournament

Свитолина: Цель на сезон – попадание на Итоговый турнир

Elina Svitolina

The first racket of Ukraine Elina Svitolina sets itself ambitious goals for the season.

In an interview to the official website of the WTA, Elina Svitolina shared goals for the season and told about his attitude to the earth surface:

“Last year I was injured at the beginning of the clay season, which affected the results. Because it was hard to go back to this cover and to trust my body, legs. This year I’m better prepared, have more free time. Happy that physically I could pass this week. The soil is very hard, and he can kill your body, if you are not ready.

Tried to go from match to match. Every game had to be given to 100% because the girls have a greatly increased motivation when they play against the first racket of the tournament. This put additional pressure, but I left it all behind, and thought only of himself. People expected me to win, so it was difficult, but it can be useful to affect your self-confidence.

But not even halfway through the season! I don’t want to put on the pressure. My goal for the season is to get to Singapore, but I also was glad to finish the year in top 15, because are happy to be on court and show your game”

We will remind that on Sunday 22-the summer inhabitant of Odessa won his third trophy of the season. After winning tournaments in Dubai and Taipei Elina was subjected to competition in Istanbul.

In the title race, the results of which the first 8 players get to the Final tennis championship in Singapore, Svitolina is on the sixth line. However, Serena Williams, are two places higher this season, no longer playing due to pregnancy.

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