Svitolina: Zero Justine Henin very high

Свитолина: Hоль Жюстин Энен очень высока

Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina spoke about the contribution of Justine Henin in the training process and the upcoming match against the first racket of the world Serena

We will remind, in February Svitolina began to cooperate with the ex-first racket of the world Justine Henin. Belgian is not a full-fledged mentor, Elina, and so performs the role of so-called “mental coach”.

“Justine has a phenomenal experience. She was involved in a variety of situations during his career and knows that I sometimes feel. It’s psychological factors that play a key role in women’s tennis. It was hard for me to work with a coach who has not performed at a high level, that is why the role of Enen in my team so high. She works a lot on my technique and psychology. I’m complitely satisfied with our cooperation”, – says Elina.

“The match against Serena? No need to think that I beat her only because Justine in that beat Serena. We have Justine with quite different styles, and the term of our joint training small enough”, – concluded the Ukrainian.

We will remind, the match of 1/4 Roland Garros Serena Williams vs Svitolina needs to spend today, but because of rain the second day in a row on the courts of Paris there is a lull.

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