“Svoboda” Miroshnichenko poured faeces

"Свободовца" Мирошниченко облили фекалиями

The activist doused Miroshnichenko faeces in the city Council

The incident occurred today in the city Council.

The Deputy of the Kiev city Council Igor Miroshnichenko poured faeces on the Commission meeting of the city Council on environmental policy. About Miroshnichenko has informed Ukrainian news.

“This is not an incident, it is an unhealthy man, who haunts me for several years,” he said.

During the Commission meeting on Wednesday, activist organization “do Not keep silent” Orestes Garanga poured from the bottle the feces MP.

Later in the hallway between him and Miroshnichenko there was a fight.

Miroshnichenko noted that Garanca repeatedly provoked him to counter-actions and degraded his dignity.

The MP said that for the past 5 years trying to deny access to Garanci yourself in court, but his appeal to the court and the police have no result.

Earlier in Kiev under the building of Pechersky court of the former peoples Deputy from “Freedom” Igor Miroshnichenko poured green paint.

Miroshnichenko beat a former fighter of the Right sector