Swedish state-owned companies began to take Bitcoin

Шведские госкомпании начали принимать Bitcoin

Swedish authorities accept bitcoins

The government will sell the bitcoin at auction.

On account of the compulsory enforcement Service of Sweden (SEA) is one of the companies transferred of 0.6 bitcoins. However, the government is not going to hold, and intends to sell at auction, reports Today.

“We are used to working with the banking system. It is an asset of a different kind, which allows us to conduct operations in new ways,” — said the representative of the SEA John Paulson.

However, the SEA claimed that selling Bitcoin on the auction house a necessary measure. Since the turnover of cryptocurrency is not regulated at the legislative level and there are no structures that would provide services for opening accounts in Bitcoin.

Recall, October 13, bitcoin exchange rate crossed the level of $5500, and recorded a historical high at $5920 to the Bitfinex team.