Switzerland and the Red Cross sent to the DNR 800 tons of humanitarian aid

Швейцария и Красный Крест направили в ДНР 800 тонн гуманитарки

Switzerland has provided assistance to the Donbas

Residents of Donbass brought food, medical equipment and construction materials.

On the temporarily uncontrolled territory in Donetsk region proceeded 43 truckloads of humanitarian aid to locals from the International Committee of the red cross, the Swiss government and charitable organizations of People in need. It is reported by the state border service.

According to the border guards, six cars were carrying food, hygiene kits and medical equipment with a total weight of 113 tons from the mission of the International Committee of the red cross.

33 trucks were loaded with nearly 645 tons of reagents and medical equipment. This cargo was sent from the government of Switzerland.

In addition, four truck carrying 34 tons of construction materials and sanitary equipment from a charitable organization People in need.

As reported Корреспондент.netJune 3, Switzerland has sent to the DNR 600 tons of humanitarian cargo. On the uncontrolled territory proceeded 30 trucks.

Recall that in 2017, the UN and the Red Cross will be allocated to projects in the Donbas $274 million the money will be distributed as on the Kiev-controlled territory and to temporarily uncontrolled.