Syrians near Kiev. Ukrainians against migrants

Сирийцы под Киевом. Украинцы против мигрантов

In the Kiev region can accommodate migrants from Syria, locals and nationalist organization opposed.

In Ukraine, a scandal because of the construction of refugee camps in Kyiv region.

Locals and nationalist organizations strongly oppose the commissioning of the center for migrants from the Middle East.

The authorities indicate that the construction camps is an obligation of Ukraine before the EU to introduce visa-free regime with Europe.

Корреспондент.net versed, as may appear by the Syrians in the Kiev region.

A long-standing commitment

In Yagotin Kiev region soon to open centre for refugees. It will accommodate more than 200 people.

The first part of the centre will open in the spring, and it will be designed for 100 people.

At the State migration service noted that in 2002, the year Ukraine undertook obligations to protect refugees, and the refusal of the opening of the center may affect the receipt by Ukraine of visa-free regime.

The Immigration service considered that the settlement of refugees in Yahotyn the locals will only get better, because everything will be created on the basis of European grants and money.

“This item can be a card of the community. Since the item is planned to accommodate families with children. Kids will go to school. Children will talk with Ukrainian children. You can create social projects to study English. To create interactive classes and computer classes. And it’s all based on European clubs and European money. This means additional jobs for the residents”, – noted in Department.

Waiting for the migrants from Syria

Migrants will be sheltered in an unfinished dormitory, which had earlier planned to settle Chernobyl. Repairs to the building already at the final stage.

In October, the center immediately began to build. Funding came from the EU and from the state budget. The construction of such a center dedicated almost 34 million hryvnias, it is expected that the center will live more than 200 people.

Director of point of reception of refugees from the Middle East Tatyana Belchenko stated that to relocate you will only those aliens who have received appropriate status from the Ukrainian authorities.

Local vs.

The Deputy of regional Council Armen Chahalyans, said that the Yahotyn will not sustain such an influx of Syrians.

“In the city of 18 thousand inhabitants. At the rate of 250 refugees to the city is a disaster, – said the Deputy. In a time when well-fed Europe refuses refugees when they had done miracles, and in Germany, France and even little Belgium – the happiest country in the world, we in the poorest country impose on refugees”.

Also people are afraid of anti-social behaviour, diseases and increase crime rate in the city.

At city hall say that the migration service was not interested in opinion, nor the government, nor local residents.

The mayor of the city Natalya Dzyuba, said that he understood people from Europe, Asia and other countries, which had for obvious reasons to leave your house, but you need to think about.

“Part of this building for refugees, and the other part, block “B” – for immigrants from the East,” says gradonachalnitsa.

The locals even gathered the Assembly against the accommodation of refugees in Yahotyn, but some of the results of their protests to no avail.

The representatives of the migration service only promised to ask the opinion of local residents. Public discussion on this topic will hold on March 11.

Nationalists are outraged

Against the opening of the center was made by the Right sector and nationalist organization With 14.

Also discussed this subject in the Ukrainian social networks.

“Neither the Migration service nor the Cabinet have not asked the residents of Yahotyn — whether they are happy this neighborhood and are willing to agree to build such a center in exchange for the mythical opportunity to go to Europe… the opening of the center for workers with might and main praises the Cabinet who needs to justify to the EU for received but stupidly wasted money”, — noted in the Right Sector.

PS in the example of Germany, where migrants have attacked the women, and resent the fact that the authorities want to fill in the Kyiv region “foreigners, who profess to alien culture and traditions, categorically are not ready to comply with the local rules of life”.

Right remind that the authorities refuse to equip foreigners who fought in the volunteer battalions in the Donbass – “between their characters in the front and the Africans with the Syrians, the Ukrainian government makes the choice in favor of the latter in favor of Brussels,” – say the activists.

According to the migration service, as of January 1, 2016 Ukraine has about 2,500 recognized refugees and about 600 people who need extra protection.