Sytnik: a Lot of investigation to NAB fell through due to the wide access of judges to the registry of judicial decisions

Сытник: Много следственных действий НАБУ сорвалось из-за широкого доступа судей к реестру судебных решений  

A lot of investigation to NAB fell through due to the wide access of judges to the registry of judicial decisions. In an interview with “UKRINFORM” said the Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau Sytnyk.

“According to our data, in the closed part of the Unified state registry of court decisions have access 3.5 thousand people: judges, assistant judges. Many investigative actions fell precisely because information about them was known to the defendants in the investigation. There is even a case where a judge to whom we came in search, had a copy of the court of Registry. He was ready for this operation. Another problem is that other court decisions go to the Registrar of companies (regulations, decision on granting permission for temporary access to objects and documents). The plot itself represent detective becomes public,” he said.

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He noted that there is a bill which proposes the data about the court decision to publish only after the transfer of the case to the court.

“We worked on it together with State judicial administration, which is dealing with the Registry. Now the bill is being approved in the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for human rights. I hope that in the near future it will be submitted for consideration of the Ukrainian Parliament”, – he added.

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He added that there are certain aspects of the legislation that should be corrected in order for the work of the NEB was more effective, so it is necessary to provide an opportunity for the anti-corruption Bureau to implement the collection of information from communication channels autonomously, and not through the security Service of Ukraine.

Earlier, the NAB Director said that the Verkhovna Rada will soon introduce a bill that would give the Bureau the right to Autonomous listening and appropriate technical support.