Sytnik said that all the actions of the NEB and the ARS in relation Nasirova was legitimate

Сытник заявил, что все действия НАБУ и САП в отношении Насирова были законны

All actions of NABOO and the ARS in relation to the head of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov was legitimate. This was during the briefing, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”, said the head of NABOO Sytnyk.

Earlier, the Chairman of the SFS Novel Nasirova handed suspicion. During this time he became ill. According to lawyers, the suspect was handed over when the head of the SFS was already unconscious, which is illegal. Nasirov is now in the hospital, he was diagnosed with a heart attack.

Head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky also said earlier that the NEB was instructed to prepare the petition for election measures of restraint Roman Nasirova.

“Currently, instructed the detectives to prepare the appropriate petition about election of a measure of restraint in respect of the Chairman of the SFS Nasirov, as well as the petition to remove him from office,” he said.
He noted that was conducted a number of investigative and procedural actions.

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