Tajik authorities denied the ban of surnames with Russian endings

Власти Таджикистана опровергли запрет фамилий с русскими окончаниями

Deputy head of Department of registration of acts of civil status at the Ministry of justice of Tajikistan Jaloliddin Rakhimov has denied media reports that the authorities officially banned last, and middle names with Russian endings, reports “Interfax”.

According to him, in paragraph 3 of article 20 (Name of person and procedure of recording of the surname, name and patronymic) of the law of Tajikistan “On state registration of acts of civil status” it is stated that “the child’s name at the state registration of birth is recorded by the name of the father or mother, or names formed from the name of the father”.

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“So, if the name of the child’s parents ends, for example, in “ov”, “EV” – Petrov, Karimov, they have the right to give this name to her child,” — said Rakhimov.

He said that an outright ban on the Russian end of the surname and the patronymic, the act does not, in this case we are talking about its recommendatory character.

Speaking about the prohibitive parts of the law, Rakhimov explained that it is prohibited to assign the child a name that is alien to the Tajik national culture, the names of things, products, animals and birds, as well as abusive names and phrases that are degrading the honor and dignity of the person, and separating people into castes.

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We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Tajik authorities officially banned last, and middle names with Russian endings.