Take on the Rotterdam. At NABS new high-profile case

Возьмутся за Роттердам. У НАБУ новое громкое дело

What happens in the Affairs of NABOO

The National anti-corruption Bureau to investigate abuses during the installation of the so-called formula “Rotterdam +”. Корреспондент.net remembered that occurs with other high-profile cases of NABOO.

NABOO is one of the main newsmakers of Ukrainian politics. It is with a Specialized anti-corruption prosecution disassembly satisfied, then a loud political Affairs gets.

Combating Bureau too serious – portraits Sytnyk sealed underground, the criminal case against the head of the Agency plant, courts over the years considering the case.

Correspondent.net decided to recall at what stage most high-profile case to the NAB and to talk about the new production office.

In whose favor the Rotterdam?

National anti-corruption Bureau conducts pre-trial investigation on the fact of abuse of official position of officials of the National Commission, which carries out regulation in the energy and utilities (NTRAK) because of the so-called formula “Rotterdam +”.

In March 2016, the national regulatory Commission of energy and utilities adopted a new method of determining the wholesale market price for electricity. This is the price at which the TPP sell electricity to the market. In it, in particular, takes account of the price of coal.

According to the new methodology, the cost of coal production coal-thermal power generation is calculated according to the formula “cost of coal in the port of Rotterdam plus the cost of delivery to Ukraine”. And the same price is considered to be produced in Ukraine coal.

Due to the use of a new formula of thermal generation, including the generation of DTEK Rinat Akhmetov and the state “Centrenergo”, began to sell electricity more expensive.

Director of the NABU Artem Sytnik said that the so-called “Rotterdam+” used illegally relatively large amounts of coal.

Experts who were involved in the NAB to investigate the case “Rotterdam+”, confirmed the overpayment of $ 15 billion hryvnia, but the consequence does not exclude the possibility of pressure on the experts.

“I remember a situation in the case of backpacks (case of purchase of backpacks for the national guard, which featured the son of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov) when the expert who did the examination, there was production and obtained permission to search him. And it was all done by the police,” – said Sytnik.

According to him, an important moment of truth in this matter is to be evaluated.

According to Sytnik, the NABOO have enough materials to make “specific findings” in this matter.

Posters in the subway

On the morning of October 1 in the city lights of the capital metro posted an image of Sytnyk with the inscription: “I will expose the top of the corrupt”.

Director of the NABU Artem Sytnik said that he does not know who had placed the advertisement, and called it “typical provocation.” The press office also told reporters that they do not know the customer’s advertising.

Later Sytnik hinted that is in the Metropolitan with his image involved the Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary faction of the party, the Petro Poroshenko Bloc MP Serhiy Berezenko.

According to Sytnik, the reason for this was sent to NABOO suspicion in respect of the first Deputy Chairman of SBU of Paul Demchina.

“Recently, in the framework of criminal proceedings at the request of the journalist of Dmitry Gnap that issued the correspondence of Mr. (Deputy runaway Alexander) Onishchenko individual MPs. Under this production was called in for questioning by some MPs, including the MP Berezenko, who is responsible for external advertising. Perhaps I’m the only officer that was advertised for free” – said Sytnik.

Berezenko situation has not commented.

Other things

What happens in the resonant cases NABOO?

Gas case Onishchenko. NABU has established participation in a “gas scheme” 29. The organizer of the scheme, the investigation considers the people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko (stripped of his parliamentary immunity), and the co-organizers – Valery Lean and mother of MP Inessa Kadyrov. Eight of the suspects pleaded guilty and signed a plea deal. Indictments against 14 defendants, in particular Lean, submitted to the court. Seven suspects, including the people’s Deputy and his mother are wanted. July 26, the NEB completed a pre-trial investigation against Onishchenko and the Treasurer controlled enterprises. In September, received permission on absentia conviction Onishchenko.

Case Nasirov. The investigators believe that from may 2015 to March 2016, the then head Gospitalniy service Roman Nasirov made a number of groundless and illegal decisions on the installment plan for controlled Onishchenko companies payments on rental payment for use of mineral resources for the total amount of UAH 2 billion. 10 Nov 2017 case against Nasirov informed the court. The trial began 7 Dec. The same day protection Nasirov asked to fully read the indictment, which consists of 774 pages. During the six months prosecutors had read 245 pages. Head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky noted that the reading of the indictment can go more than 20 months.

Case Martynenko. The former people’s Deputy from “popular front” Mykola Martynenko is suspected of misappropriation of funds of the state enterprise “Eastern mining and processing plant” (VostGOK) and the state enterprise “national nuclear energy generating company “Energoatom”. Estimated NABOO, the total damage is more than 695 million. The investigation is completed. On 5 October the Shevchenkivsky district court has appointed consideration of the case on the merits.

Case Trukhanov.The mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov appears in several criminal proceedings NABOO, in particular on the purchase of the Odessa city Council building of the former factory “region” for 185 million, about the possible misappropriation of funds of the local budget by overstating the value of reconstruction of roads, as well as the transfer of property of KP “international airport Odesa” company “Odessa international airport”. The investigation was completed may 30. Trukhanov handed the indictment.

The thing about backpacks Avakov. Son of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov Alexander, former Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Chebotar and entrepreneur Volodymyr Lytvyn accused of embezzlement in the amount of 14.5 million. The NAB investigation was completed. But Specialized anti-corruption Bureau on July 12 has closed proceedings against Avakov Chebotar. Lytvyn also fully admitted his guilt. The NAB disagrees with this decision and will appeal it. They think that have proven the guilt Avakov Chebotar. This case has become one of the causes of the conflict between the NABOO and the ARS, which is still ongoing.