Taras Chekurda: Lean in Ukrainian

Тарас Чекурда: Lean по-украински

Ukrainian entrepreneur-innovator about why examples of effective implementation of lean production philosophy in Ukraine is not so much

It would seem that the business strategy focused on continuous improvement, and it is translated from the Japanese “Kaizen”, which aims lean production must be understood by every entrepreneur. Especially in our country is Lean Institute Ukraine – member of the international network Lean Global Network working to promote Lean concepts. In practice, however, “allow yourself to be the best” can only a few leaders actively shape new trends in their sectors.

The origins of the Japanese economic miracle

Economic prerequisites for the establishment of the principles of Lean production in Japan of the 50-ies of the last century and in modern Ukraine are similar. In the post-war shortage of funds and as a consequence of austerity in all, Tahiti is It, the Director of the Japanese producer Toyota was thinking of how to improve the efficiency of production. The easiest and most obvious option for many wage cuts and reduce the cost of materials, he rejected at once, for he would risk the quality of the product. The solution was found in a completely different plane – in changing the attitude of each employee to their duties.

The economy should be economical?

Today, in order to survive in the competition, Ukrainian companies are forced to continuously find ways to reduce production losses. So the “Alfa-Bank” apply Lean to the workplace, and in the “Nova poshta” – in reducing the time for delivering parcels through standardization of jobs. The positive experience of implementing the principles of Lean production have also “Biopharma”, Metinvest, Interpipe, JTI, “Kyivstar”, the airport “Kiev”. Calculated that the economic effect of the implementation of the main Lean principle of “use creativity, not capital” at our facilities comparable to global.

All that do not create value – loss

The main obstacle to wide implementation of lean production in our country is the low culture of entrepreneurship. It’s not every Ukrainian businessman will agree that the aim of production is not maximum profit, and the creation of added value of the product. And in order to ensure the continued operational improvement of the company necessary to carry out fundamental changes not only in management, but throughout its production and organizational structure.

People at work – the only innovative force able to change consumers ‘ lives for the better. Therefore, implementing on our furniture factory VMV Holding the principles of lean manufacturing, conducting ongoing motivational work with the staff to improve the efficiency of processes and the optimization of losses, we generate a stream of value creation with minimal use of resources. And although the implementation of lean principles is a laborious process, it gives the business a real opportunity to “grow up”, creating a culture of continuous improvement of social and environmental standards. Long-term strategy of lean production, promote the competitiveness of national products in international markets, which guarantees Ukraine’s stable economic and social development.