Taruta appealed to the relevant Committee of Parliament on the question of impeachment

Тарута обратился в профильный комитет Рады по вопросу импичмента

Taruta wants to impeach President

The MP believes that Poroshenko had abused a position of blackmailing the officials.

Vnefraktsionnyh MP Serhiy Taruta prepared the appeal to the Verkhovna Rada Committee on legal policy and justice regarding the impeachment of the President of Petro Poroshenko. This is the website of the newspaper to.

Taruta is confident that the head of state being blackmailed by officials and urged them to take the necessary decisions, thereby exceeding official powers.

“I insist on simultaneously (the inviolability of deputies – ed.) and eliminated the immunity of the President, the right of use referred to in article 105 of the Constitution of Ukraine”, – said Taruta.

The MP believes cynicism on the part of the head of state, introducing the bill on the lifting of parliamentary immunity, while immunity is the President.

“We only reinforce the imbalance of power branches”, – said Taruta.

In his opinion, an effective procedure of impeachment of the President would be a serious instrument of pressure on Poroshenko.

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada endorsed the inclusion in the agenda and direction for the conclusions of the constitutional court of the presidential bill No. 7203 on the abolition of parliamentary immunity.