Tax Committee recommends that to remove taxation on pensions

Налоговый комитет рекомендует снять налогообложение с пенсий

Tax Committee recommends the Parliament to remove the taxation of pensions and to approve the first reading of bill No. 4542-4, said the head of the Committee Nina Southerner.

“At an extraordinary meeting of the Committee, we considered a number of bills to abolish the taxation of pensions. Of all the bills we have decided to recommend the Parliament adopt the basis for the simplified procedure bill 4542-4 MP Yuriy Shukhevych. This bill is chosen because it is exempt from tax and pensions to working pensioners “, – she explained, a Southerner.

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According to a Southerner, lifting taxes on pensions to working pensioners will be deprived of the budget 1.2 billion UAH of income, because it does not exclude that during the preparation of the bill for the second reading this norm can remove.

The recommended text of the bill on the Council website has not yet been published, its author is Yuriy Shukhevych.