Tax: VAT Payable will be liquidated in the near future

Налоговая: Задолженность по НДС ликвидируют в ближайшее время

Debt on VAT return can be filled within the next two to three months, say in the SFS.

The tax system of Ukraine fully comply with European standards. This was stated by the head of the Office of large taxpayers GFS Eugene Bambiza said in an interview with the Observer.

“After the repayment of VAT we pay close attention to the administration of income tax is a normal European practice,” – said Bambiza.

In addition, the debt on VAT return can be corrected within the next two to three months.

“The issue of VAT within one to two months will go down in history, he commented to a journalist’s question about whether the tax system of the country to the possible accession of Ukraine to the EU. – Judging by the pace that we have today is part of the VAT refund, I think that we eliminate existing debt before year-end course” – said the head of the Office.

We will remind, earlier the tax was stated that the fictitious tax credit fell by more than 10 times.