Taxman told how filling stations do not pay taxes on billions

Налоговик рассказал, как АЗС не платят налоги на миллиарды

Sellers often make the manufacturing of the “gun” as a wholesale

For tax evasion are widely used for two basic schemes.

In Ukraine, the tax evasion petrol station used mainly two schemes. About this in his blog wrote the head Office of large taxpayers Eugene Bambiza.

The first scheme is to they hadn’t counted excise tax implemented through a network of filling stations petroleum products.

“This happens because the sellers make the trading of “gun” as a wholesale, not retail. The Office staff uncovered the scheme in 2015, by reviewing the accounting data and finding mismatches on one of the networks in 2, 9 billion UAH. Since then, over two years of inspections (2015-2016) the Office staff is assessed that the industry is 3.7 billion UAH of excise tax, but the amount disputed in courts,” he wrote.

The second scheme is to provide tax benefits to third parties through the sale of tax liabilities.

“In reality, it looks like this: a company sells gasoline at retail, and in the evening writes a reduced tax bill to the address of a fictitious company that allegedly bought the materials at the gas station for cash,” wrote the Bambiza, adding that one of the networks thus evaded paying 60 billion UAH of VAT.

According to the taxman, all additional charges and discovered violations of the company challenged in the courts, but because these funds still did so in budgets.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the State fiscal service over the past two years, fined the owners of gas stations by 3.2 billion UAH.

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