Team CHE on track and field athletics: the Countryman won in qualifying

Командный ЧЕ по легкой атлетике: Земляк победила в квалификации

Olga Countryman

France launched a three-day European team championship in athletics.

On Friday, June 23, in the French Lille started the League team championship. For the first time in history it is held for three days.

If before the endings happened at once, then the athletes who compete in the sprint distances, including a barrier, a place in the final still had to. According to the formula, the final in each discipline took place for the first three athletes of each race and two would get the best time.

Both Ukrainian will run in the finals in the women’s 400-meter hurdles. It is this discipline and opened the main program of the European team championship. Daniil Danilenko reached the eight strongest at the time (from 51.30). Elena Kolesnichenko coped with this task immediately, finishing his race in the second (56,33).

Olga Countryman won his race and showed the best result in both races on the 400m (51,70). Vitaliy Butrym has reached the finals in the women’s 400 meters for men at the time (47,13).

Anna Plotitsina had his best result of the season in the women’s 100-meter hurdles (of 13.05 C) and reached the final with a fourth. Note that the time of the winner of the second race, Belarusian Alina Talay – 13,11 s.

The Ukrainian team almost left without points in run on 110 meters with barriers. Artem Shamatrin saw a red card for a false start, however, did not give up and managed to prove to the judges that it is entitled to stay on track. Not surprisingly, after this he from the start was the last one and showed the result, far from their own records (14,33), but at least one point to the team he brought.

Sergiy Smelyk finished second in his race in the 200 meters (20,75) and reached the final. Alina Kalistratova with a score of 23.77, with time managed to reach the decisive round in the competition among women. The same time showed and Tessa van Schagen from the Netherlands that ran in the second race. However, thousandths of a second was on the side of Ukrainka.

Unfortunately, to reach the final was not all Ukrainians. Without our representatives will be held the finals in the women’s 100 meters. Vladimir Suprun has become the 10th (10,78) and brought the team two points. Olesya Povkh was disqualified for a false start. In her race for a false start had disqualified another strong athlete, Eva polka free.

And started super League team of the European championship in 2017 with races At distances of 100 meters and 4x100m. These results do not affect the locations of teams in the team standings.

In the race in men’s relay team 4×100 meters as part of Roman Kravtsov, Emil Ibragimov, Yury Guard and Alexander Sokolov won with a time 39,81 s.

Alexander Sokolov showed the best result of the season in the 100m (of 10.61 C) and the results of all the races was fourth. Roman Kravtsov has occupied 11-e a place (10,84). At the same distance in the women’s competition Yana Kachur was fifth (11,68 with the best result of the season). Elizabeth Bryzgina repeated the best result of the season (11,73) and became the ninth.

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